I’m a front-end developer, love to do graphic design & illustration, traveller and am a photography enthusiast.

I love minimalistic things (music, design, software, etc) and often live by that philosophy. I often throw away stuff I don’t use, sometimes too fast though or bring my not so-old-clothes to charities. Love to travel very lightweight and minimalistic (< 10kg).

I detest bloated software (ahum, ms office) and devices that try do too many things (though i admit i have an iphone). Often find myself going back to single-purpose-software. Things that just work (iawriter, antisocial, simplenote, pixelmator, etc).

I’m always trying to learn things and often can’t sit still. Currently I’m travelling through Asia – in each country I try to pick up some of the language, get involved with the culture and try to meet the locals. But when I’m at home I try to learn (digital) painting, am often drawing, read a lot and investigate whatever piques my interest. I love to surround myself with friendly, funny and inspiring people.

I play old snes games, watch every ufc (pride is still the best though), love kettlebell & yoga workouts, buy LP’s for their cover, listen to some podcasts, sometimes mix songs, believe in the 80/20 principle, am a bit of a health freak and Tim Ferris, Joe Rogan, David Choe & Chade Meng Tan are some of my inspirations.

I’m an easy going social guy trying not to take life too seriously. Mindfulness and the holstee manifesto are things ‐ I believe ‐ you should at least have heard about.