So before I had this serious introduction about myself where I finely described my talents, interests and what-nots. So impersonal. But I (try) to care less. You can find career stuff at linkedIn. Instead I’ll just write some stuff that might be a bit more personal and maybe entertaining:

  • Outgoing introvert
  • Long-term hedonist
  • I hate cold feet
  • I’m a Sushi snob
  • I floss my teeth every day
  • sometimes pretend to be a DJ (aka sync button)
  • I try to not own a lot
  • being a realist more than a pessimist, but moods change
  • like to think I’m a bit of a Nippie (neo-hippie), but basically I’m a nerd that cares about food/health/meditation/etc. I’m too rational to be a hippie
  • Fight club is more to the point then ever before in current society
  • Shantaram is my favourite book
  • Mindfulness might be the key to world peace
  • You should really read the Holstee Manifesto

So this is my blog. Started writing when I started traveling for real in Asia. The changes regarding to work culture right now are very interesting to me. I like to try rationalise mystic things from the east since my travels and sometimes be a little poetic (but in Dutch usually). Still searching for my writing voice.