I’m a front-end developer, love to do graphic design & illustration, travelling and am a photography enthusiast.

I love minimalistic things (music, design, software, etc) and often live by that philosophy. I often throw away stuff I don’t use, sometimes too fast though or bring my not so-old-clothes to charities. Love to travel very lightweight and minimalistic (< 10kg).

I detest bloated software (ahum, ms office) and devices that try do too many things (though i admit i have an iphone). Often find myself going back to single-purpose-software. Things that just work (iawriter, antisocial, simplenote, pixelmator, etc).

I’m always trying to learn things and often can’t sit still. Just finished my travels through Asia – where in each country I tried to pick up some of the language, get involved with the culture and meet the locals. Now I’m back home I’m trying to push my javascript skills, am often drawing, read a lot and investigate whatever piques my interest. I love to surround myself with friendly, funny and inspiring people.

I play old snes games, watch every ufc (pride is still the best though), love kettlebell & yoga workouts, buy LP’s for their cover, listen to some podcasts, sometimes mix songs, believe in the 80/20 principle, am a bit of a health freak and Tim Ferris, Joe Rogan, David Choe & Chade Meng Tan are some of my inspirations.

I’m an easy going social guy trying not to take life too seriously. Mindfulness and the holstee manifesto are things ‐ I believe ‐ you should have at least heard about.