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I love to build creative experiments and visuals

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Live visuals

A small composition of live visuals I've made for live performer Falco Benz and experimentations I did myself.

Visual experiments

The following videos were made using Processing, Coge and different libraries for sound detection.

For more visuals and experiments, please see my instagram account

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Who is Rou Hun anyway?

This is Rou Hun

Also known as Lowen, someone who had the most beautiful pooping view in the world, survived Bangladesh surrounded by cops with shotguns, should write the new Fight club, writes and shares his thoughts on the road, while being an ambitious coder and artist.

Someone online started teaching me HTML when I was 15 when I was playing (and pwning) in QuakeWorld. Since then I never stopped creating and learning. Forward 18 years later and I'm still pushing myself everyday to learn more and become better. I just don't game that much anymore. 🤡

Nowadays I mostly reside in Asia and Europe. Travelling and working remotely. After a burnout I decided to quit my job and travel. I spend a year and all my money on discovering what life is about for me. I learned to write ridiculous blogs, trust my instincts but most of all I learned how to cope with myself and the world better.

If his creativity was taxed he would be bankrupt. A carbon-copy caricature of disruptive disapora nurtured by innovation in the creative ecosystem.

Mevish Aslam, founder of terminal3.co

It's hard to describe Lowen's work. It's ungraspable but solid in its tone, an endless dichotomy of rituals that were once the notion of tribes in the furthest corners of the globe, but are now delicate lines in his work.

Pieter Levels, founder of nomadlist.com

I would work with him any day of the week. Nobody that physically attractive could ever do wrong

John Nolan, founder of ghost.org

Lowen is a very sweet lover. Always made time for me. Except when he was focused on work. Which was always. His clients are the most important people in his life. Ultimately I hired him so he could make time for me. Very good. Would hire again. AAA+++

Marc Kohlbrugge, founder of betalist.com


I love to write. My articles are about my adventures on the road, my inner explorations, tecnical tutorials or sometimes just a fun creative practise. These are some of my favorites, you can find more at my medium page


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